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What exactly Black Money is all about?

Black money refers to funds earned on the black market, on which income and other taxes has not been paid. The banker for this type of money is Swiss Banker Switzerland. According to Wiki CBI told that  Indians have Rs 24.5 lakh crore ($500 billion ) of illegal funds in foreign tax havens, more than any other country in Feb 2012. But according to Swiss bank they never disclosed the amount. But from the above figure. But In April 2011 Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, confirmed that there are Indian names on
Swiss bank accounts.
Not only in Switzerland, but also black money is there in Dubai, Liechtenstein, USA, UK etc also.

According to Swiss Bankers Association officials the largest depositors of illegal foreign money in Switzerland are Indian.

According to wiki the two major parties in India Congress and BJP who claims to have income Rs 500 crore and Rs 300 crore respectively. But they are spending Rs 10,000 crore and Rs 15,000 crore annually on election. So as an Indian citizen you can understand from where those money coming and how people using those money.

Read this:

609 people in India having legal property more than Rs- 100 crores (Rs- 10 Million). Indian President one day living cost is Rs-8 crore, living in a place where 350 flats.One day Indian Parliament running cost is around 9 crore Rupees.Britishers looted 350 Lakh Crore in 250 years whereas Indian himself looted 330 crore. 70 Lakh crore only deposited in swiss bank. 84000 corrupt people in India.India has around 450 Billion dollar of coal deposit & 170 billion of iron ore deposit,looted by state politicians .According to
Indian Government around 1 Lakh place in India where people doing illegal mining.

Why our Indian Government is not asking to swiss Bank?

Because every one has an account in swiss bank, so why will expose to them selfes?

Why CBI is not independently working? well answer is simple ,Government is taking lots of money in the name of party fund and also taking help from those politicians who are involved in criminal charges.Whole police in India is working under politicians.

Sources says that NGO is also engaged in converting black money into white Money.

According to one times of india report A pune based man namely Hasan Ali's has $6bn in Swiss accounts. And our then time finance minister and one of the worst congress leader Pranab Mukherjee said "We are examining the case and the investigation is going on".

What's Next?

Now from last few years Swami Ramdev trying to bring the black money to India, But the point is wether UPA government will allow to do so?

He started protests against black money first on 27th Feb 2011, the black money according to him was Rs 400 lakh crore.

According to Baba Ramdev pointed out that total currency note circulation in India is 10 lakh crore. If the GDP is 60 lakh crore, then currency note circulation should be 1/50 of that amount, which is only 2 lakh crore. A common thumb-rule of macroeconomics is that a currency note can travel 50 to 100 transaction points over a year. Hence if RBI has circulated 10 lakh crore of currency then the total Indian economy should be at least 50 × 10 lakh crore = 500 lakh crore. This clearly indicates that there is huge amount of
black money circulating inside the internal economy and an equally high amount of unaccounted wealth is being siphoned out of the country every year by corrupt ministers and bureaucrats.

Also Ramdev and Team Anna did lots of protests at Delhi but the current corrupted goverment never worried for such things. Another man namely Ram Jethmalani a senior lawyer challenged: Many in government have black money stashed abroad. One of them is Rahul Gandhi and also he told Sue me if you want!

What will happen if black money comes back to india?

If Black Money comes back to India then what happens :

1). India will be at No. 1 in financial condition.
2). Each district have 60 thousands crore and each village have 100 crore for development.
3). None of Indian have to pay tax for 20 years .
4). Price of Petrol = Rs. 25 , Diesel = Rs. 15 , CNG =Rs. 150 & Milk = Rs. 8
5). Light bill comes once in 6 month.

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