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This is another scam by UPA goverment apart from Coalgate scam, 2G scam, CWG scam. According to CAG central government lost Rs 166,972 crore by favouring DIAL on Delhi airport modernisation project.

According to CAG report the company had got 4,799.09 acres of land on a Rs. 100 annual lease rent for 60 years for an equity contribution of only Rs. 1,813 crore.

According to the operations, management and development deal signed by the Airports Authority of India
permitted the company to utilise 5% of the land for commercial exploitation. Consultancy firm Merrill Lynch
had worked out the valuation of the land at Rs. 100 crore an acre. “Thus, the total current value of the land available to Dial… would amount to Rs. 24,000 crore.”

The CAG said, “The projected earning capacity of this land (239.95 acres) in terms of licence fee over the
concession period of 58 years was indicated by Dial itself as Rs. 681.63 crore per acre in a letter to the joint
secretary, aviation ministry.”

How People affected?

Delhi airport charges Rs. 1,300 and Rs. 200 per passenger for international and domestic travel, respectively. Besides, from May 15, Dial started charging a user development fee of Rs. 436-1,068 from international and Rs. 195-462 from domestic passengers.

Also the passengers or commuters availing of radio taxis at the airport are also being forced to shell out Rs. 80 extra per trip as the airport authorities have imposed a charge amount of like amount for these.The food and beverage services at the airport have also become very expensive in the recent past and all this has put a lot of strain on the passengers and others visiting the Delhi airport.


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