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Who does not know P. Chidambaram ??? the most corupted and one of the ugly face of Indian politics, UPA Goverenment and useless material of India.

Some of the designation he got:

- Finance Minister of India
- Union Minister of Finance
-  Home Affairs Minister

Every one knows the financial condition of India during his period as a Finance Minister of India. Every price
hiked, dollar value increased a lot , lots of scams , black money etc.

He is one of the key person who always said NO to Jan Lokpal Bill.

And also he is involved in lots of Controversies like:
- 2G spectrum scam
- Aircel-Maxis deal controversy
- Black money etc.
- His wife has own asset of more than Rs 20 crore
- P. Chidambaram also a part of the fraud Vodafone-Hutchison deal
- Has more than 24 crore assets upto 2011.

Suprised comments By P. Chidambaram:

On Coalgate Scam:
 If coal is not mined, where is the loss? (According to CAG report there were 1.86 lakh crore loss in coalgate scam).

If coal is not mined, if it remains buried in mother earth, where is the loss? The loss can arise only once the coal is taken out of mother earth, mined and sold at unacceptable price or value. But if the coal is not mined, where is the loss? - By P. Chidambaram

On Middle class people:

Sometimes, and I have written about this once, we are prepared to pay fifteen rupees for a bottle of water but we will not bear one rupee increase in the price of a kilo of wheat or a kilo of rice. We are prepared to pay rupees twenty for an ice cream cone but won’t pay one rupee more for a kilo of wheat or rice. - By P. Chidambaram


  1. are you people serious? PC is the brain behind the country's growth though the 90s and he is fighting for the cause to bring us back to that growth path. You guys are morons.