11:09 PM

Another very shame work done by one member of UPA goverment who is non other than our Union minister and IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla. He told to RS deputy chiarman PJ Kurien to Adjourn House for the day while BJP demands for regignation of Prime minister in Coalgate scam. Remember  PJ Kurien is a Congress MP.

This is such a shame to the county and shame to us, because we are the reposible person to elect him to the top post.
Shukla, who is minister of state for parliamentary affairs, went to the chair and whispered in the ears of Kurien, "Pure din ke liye House adjourn kara dijiye (adjourn the House for the day)." The whisper, however, was caught on Kurien's mike and was amplified. The House was adjourned soon after for the day.

But what shukla clarified that it was merely his advice to the chair. "If the opposition is disrupting the House, we can give suggestions. It is up to the chair to accept or reject our suggestions". Basically Shukla was trying to tell the RS deputy chiarman PJ Kurien about his roles and responsibilities.

Shukla also told "There is nothing unusual about it. I can always give my opinion to the Chair. The final decision is of the Chair".

This is a clear indication the way congress taking downward to the country. They exposed themselves by doing so much scams and later not interested to run the house. Here some top scams by UPA goverment: 2g Scam , Coalgate scam , CWG scam like this apart from Black Money.


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