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Maharashtra irrigation scam worth Rs 72, 000 crore. According to Anjali Damania when she met Gadkari in August at his home in Worli, Mumbai, he told her to not push too hard to expose the scam.

Anjali Damania said 'the opposition party chief' told her "we help Pawar and he helps us, can't do anything in this scam."
She claimed to have met Gadkari thrice, once in Delhi in June 2011 and twice in Mumbai, in August 2011 and August 14 this year.

"Since the NCP and the Congress are together, we went to the opposition party, but they strictly told me that they could not do anything about it. Their party president himself told me that he could not do anything regarding this; he shares businesses with Sharad Pawar. They help each other in their matters. So, he could not do anything about it. We were shocked after getting such kind of a reply," she said.


  1. Irrigation projects are treated as cash cows by all parties when they come to power in states. The project size running into hundreds and sometimes thousands of crores are easily manipulated. The Orders are over priced and contractors do only small amount of work by fudging measurements. Govt releases Hundreds of crores which flow back to ministers. In effect public money belonging to YOU AND ME reach pockets of Ministers and MLAs