3:58 PM

IAS officer Ashok Khemka transferred three days after he asked for Robert Vadra-DLF inquiry

Ashok Khemka got a letter for transfer when he order to enquiry against Robert Vadra in DLF scam. He got 43 transfers in 19 years. This is what Mr Khemka told after transfer "It is shocking to learn about my abrupt transfer... this is deliberate and malafide to punish me due to some vested elements in the political-bureaucratic hierarchy affected by the expose of the scams in consolidation of land holdings under the exercise of powers."


  1. I understand from this report Ashok Khemka was a brilliant student. With his PhD, he could have been in a more lucrative job in private sector or in a top educational institution. But he chose to complete IAS and take up a job in the Government. He being an upright person gets booted all over and still does what he believes is right. I know he is not alone and there are upright IAS officers in every state and centre who get the same treatment. There is an IAS officers association in most states and certainly there is one in Haryana. When Khemka is threatened for what he did by being a conscientious officer, should he not get his colleagues to support him or have the Association talk for him - and get the protection for him and his family which the Indian public want him to be provided? All IAS officers are brilliant, otherwise they would not have made the grade - but only few stand up to the politician when he/she is wrong, many even if personally clean & non-corrupt look the other way when wrongs are done (classic example is our PM, a career bureaucrat who continues to look the other way even while holding the highest & powerful office)and then there are a few IAS officers who are corrupt and who teach the politicians to go about doing what they want to do. This small few are more powerful and ensure that the majority IAS officers toe the line drawn by the corrupt masters. That is because there is a lack of unity among IAS officers of the country. If only the all IAS officers in India unite under one powerful association and not cooperate with corrupt politicians - ensuring that they get the right protection for theselves & their faamilies which they can do if they unite - there will be more Khemkas in the country. They can probably eliminate atleast 80% of the corruption in the country. I appeal to all the IAS officers to consider this seriously - in the present mood prevailing in the country - you will have the public support.