1:57 PM

Here is Arvind Kejriwal's 5 Questions from Salman Khurshid for Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust Scam.

1) Did your organization furnished a forged letter from Mr. Ram Ram Singh (a UP Govt Official) to the Union Govt?

2) Did Your organization forge signature of the UP Govt. ex. CDO Mr J.D. Singh?

3) On 12 JUNE 2012 the UP Govt has sent a letter stating that signatures on reports of your organization are forged. Do you agree?

4) Do you agree to the repot filed by Akhilesh Yadav Govt stating that no camps were held on the date and places your organization claims?

5) The handicapped who your organization claims to have given equipment's to say that they did not receive any such things. If these people say these things in public, would you resign from your post in the Union Cabinet?


  1. British stooges ruling us till date and now the stooges of British-stooges will befool us !! Watch out why Kejriwal is back on the media close to elections !! Some one's will not Kejriwal's will decides all this !! Be careful, guys !! I doubt both Anna and Kejriwal now.