4:52 PM

This can happen only in India, Nitin Gadkari’s driver is director of six companies. That is a reason to join politics in India. You will have enough money that you have to take some different action to keep those money safe.
Nitin Gadkari is absolutely correct I am innocent, To help a driver to become a director should not be a criminal activities.

According to Times if India report not only his driver but also his  accountant and two employees were directors of the firms that invested in Nitin Gadkari’s Purti group of companies.

According to TOI "Between 2009-11, Gadkari’s chauffeur Manohar was the director of no less than six companies, the report found, And while even Sudhir Dive, managing director of Purti Power and Sugar Limited, didn’t deny the fact, he offered the defence that Panse is “now a director of only one company."


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