9:27 AM

Here is another scam in the name of UPG Goverenment and Congress and Sonial Gandhi. This time is Sonia Gandhi's son in law Robert Vadra.

And thanks to Arvind Kejriwal for making this public. Below is the full details of what Arvind Kejriwal said:

1- Why did DLF give Rs. 65 crore loan to Robert Vadra without any interest?
2- He bought DLF properties with that money...at discounted rates.
3- What benefit did Vadra provide to Congress for this?
4- He bought Rs. 65 crore property for Rs. 5 crore. So how did DLF benefit? There are many questions.
5- There are four penthouses in one DLF property in Gurgaon.
6- He brought these through a maze of five companies.
7- We have details of 12 companies registered in the past few years - six registered in 2012 alone.
8- A penthouse sold in 2009 for Rs. 89 lakh - whose market value was Rs. 25 crore then, and is now at
least Rs. 40 crore.
9- There has been no business in all the companies in the past three years.
10- So DLF wanted to give Rs. 300 crore, companies were formed on paper for that.
11- Obviously DLF got some benefits - some clearances they got sooner than others would.
12- All these transactions are in Congress-ruled states - Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi.
13- Who will investigate them - CBI, Income Tax are too small as departments to take these people on.
14- Will we go to the court for everything?
15- We have a legal remedy - but will the courts run this country?
16- What will the CBI, Income Tax departments do then?

Below is the details told by Prashant Bhushan:

1- He invested Rs. 50 lakh, got property worth Rs. 300 crore and their market value is Rs. 500 crore now.
2- DLF gives them unsecured loans - from that money they buy a 50 per cent share in a DLF hotel, and use that money to buy various DLF properties.
3- So DLF is giving them money to transfer properties worth crores at throwaway prices - that too the money was given as an unsecured loan by DLF.
4- Why should DLF do this? We know DLF has got land in Haryana where there is Congress Government, also in Delhi.
5- Prima facie these are charges under Prevention of Corruption Act and Income Tax Act.
6- Which agency independent of the government can do an honest investigation?
7- Is DLF giving them properties so that they get benefits through the Haryana and Delhi government?
8- Who is going to investigate this? Is there black money involved?
9- Our investigation is just based on documents from registrar of companies.
10- We must compel the government to conduct an investigation into the matter.
11- This is a big scam by Robert Vadra and his mother.
12- You cannot shift the attention of this country from corruption.
13- No department has the courage to investigate such a powerful and influential person impartially.
14- There is no need for an inquiry, this is a fit case for taking action.
15- But the question is who will take action?