11:25 AM

Here is another example that clearly shows how our law minister Salman Khurshid is going to misuse the powrer of ministry. After his Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust Scam, when Arvind Kejriwal told to that Mr Khurshid should resign and that his wife be arrested and to push for action against the minister, he also plans to lead a group of demonstrators to "gherao" or march upto Congress president Sonia Gandhi's house tomorrow, Mr law minister gave statement which shows its purely misuse of his power.

What law minister told:

Mr Kejriwal should first explain what he has been doing all his life. He should first explain where he gets his money from. How he lives, he should tell us how he travels. He should tell us what he's done with the funds that come," the minister said, "but we'll take care of Mr Kejriwal in due course, don't worry.

Remember our law minister did the scam of Rs 71 Lakhs.

Now think about the common people, how much mr law minister will tourcher if you will try to say something against him...


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