4:22 PM

The railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal on Wednesday announced a hike in train fares.

This is the new railway price hike which will be very difficult for common people. Because Congress leaders never visit in trains and also they never gave from his pocket, only goverment bear this.

According to our railway minister People are ready to pay. After all we have to modernize the railways.

Railway Fare hikes effective from the midnight of January 21-22 2013:

The sleeper class hike is 6 paise per kilometre.
The hike in AC chair car is 10 paise per kilometre.
AC III tier 10 paise per kilometre and first class is 3 paise per kilometre while AC 2 tier is 6 paise per kilometre.


  1. Passengers safety and the service are not even a concern, i'm always scared travelling on Indian railways because the bogies will break off anytime because that's how they manage it.