11:46 PM

Yasin Bhatkal has accepted that he was hand in every terror attack and he said: "These things (bomb blasts) happen; there is nothing new about them." He had hand in every terror attack wether it is in Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi or Hyderabad. Also sources said that: Bhatkal says he does not regret carrying out terror attacks in India.

Mean while his father said: his son should be punished if found guilty after the due process of law. He said: The cardinal principle that every person is innocent until proven guilty should be followed.

We are extremely relieved that Ahmed Siddibapa (Yasin Bhatkal) has been arrested, according to media reports. We are relieved because the truth will come out and our fears that he would be eliminated in a fake encounter have been set to rest.


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