8:45 PM

Here is Narendra Modi's facebook update after hyderabad meeting.

Heartfelt thanks to the incredible & huge audience at LB Stadium in Hyderabad. Their participation displays the mood of the country! Congratulations to AP BJP leaders who organized it & youth who registered to have got involved in Uttarakhand relief work through this rally.

Our country is going through a troubled situation. China intrudes our borders, Pakistan kills our soldiers time & again but Centre doesn’t act! The root of all the problems is Congress lacks seriousness on every issue. It doesn’t have answer to any question. When BJP created new states, there were celebrations in newly created states. But Congress has created rifts between Telangana & Seemandhra. I remembered NTR & his impetus to Anti-Congress Politics! Our best tribute to his legacy would be to create a Congress Mukt Bharat.


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