2:47 AM

Here is a good point from Sharad Yadav that there is no difference between Asaram Bapu case and MumbaiGangRape.

He said: I brought it up in Parliament and will say it again-what is the difference between what happened in Mumbai and this case? They're both the same cases. Why does the government give more focus to Mumbai? It's because it is a bigger city and this happened in a smaller place. The government should investigate and hand out punishment, equally.

Also he said: He has been called. The look out notice has also been issued against him. What he is saying, like previously, is all lies. He is part of the land mafia. Several people, connected with him, are involved in land scams. After the investigation is complete, whatever is correct should be done.

Also Congress leader Jagdambika Pal also said that: If the police have got evidence against him, then certainly he must be given harsh punishment. ... In society, he is considered to be a pious and religious man, his statements also said that she (the alleged victim) is like his granddaughter. On the other hand, these allegations have been put on him via an FIR. Thus, the police are presently taken precaution so that there are no mistakes in the investigation. Also he said: The police is presently in the stage of confirming the allegations mounted again Asaram Bapu. Once, they gather sufficient evidence against him, then they will take action.


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