11:31 PM

UP minister Azam Khan told that Sonia supporting Durga Nagpal for political benefits. In view of 2014 Lok Sabha polls, this SDM will be posted somewhere and she (Durga) will get 10 fake votes in favour of Congress.

Also he told: She has affected our federal system by interfering in the matter.

To this statement Congress leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi told: Azam Khan always makes such statements ... when he talks about the Congress and votes, we know who manages votes ... We know who takes votes on the basis of money and muscle. Also he said: She (Sonia) has only made a request to the PM in a letter to ensure that an honest officer is no penalised. Where is the issue of affecting the federal structure involved in the matter? She was not talking about PCS officers. I think, she has made a very relevant point in the letter and we don't take seriously the statements made by the ministers of the state government.


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