4:13 PM

This is what AAP will do if they will win in Delhi.

- Safety to Women and Senior citizens: Community policing, people will work hand in hand with police.

- Anti corruption law: JanLokpal bill in 1 month after winning the elections.

- Reduction in the bill of Electricity by half.

- Bring down inflation: As corruption and Jama Khori are the main reasons of inflation.

- Best and affordable Education: All Govt schools will be improved up to the level of private schools.

- Affordable Healthcare: All Govt Hospitals will be improved to provide better healthcare to the citizens.

-  Water: Will provide 700 ltrs of water free of cost daily.

-  Simplification of VAT: Better taxation so that people can do honest business.

How money will come for all this?
Delhi is a cash rich state, only thing we have to do is use that money for public welfare instead of looting it by corruption.


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