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Janata Party president Dr Subramanian Swamy told: Rahul Gandhi was ineligible to become India's prime minister.

Dr Swamy said Congress president Sonia Gandhi was not appointed PM in 2004 by the then president APJ Abdul Kalam because of a law which could render her ineligible.

 "That law is still there and I can tell you even Rahul Gandhi is ineligible to become the prime minister. I will keep  this a secret till the opportune moment comes"

Also he said the reason behind which Sonia Gandhi did not became PM in 2004:

He said in May 2004 340 MPs had signed individual letters addressed to the President saying they supported Sonia Gandhi  as the Prime Minister.

"There was also a letter signed by Soniaji as MP that she supported herself to become PM. It is wrong to say that she did not want to become PM.

"Soniaji was supposed to call on the President that day at 5 pm to stake her claim. I called on the President at 12:30 pm and produced evidences to say that she was ineligible to become prime minister.

"At 3:30 pm, the President sent Soniaji a letter asking her not to come at 5 pm because there were some issues which needed to be probed. The President asked her to come at 10 am the following day. At 5 pm, Dr Manmohan Singh read out the last para of that letter to his MPs. The Congress should make that letter public".

Dr. Swamy said Mr. Gandhi should "learn from the experience of his mother whose attempt to become the Prime Minister in 2004 was aborted when the then President of India Abdul Kalam wrote a letter (which is still to be published) which was read by two witnesses present when Ms. Sonia Gandhi received that letter, namely Natwar Singh and Manmohan Singh. It should now be perfectly clear to Ms. Sonia Gandhi as well as her two children that there is no legal way by which any of them can ever become the Prime Minister of India."


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