2:03 PM

Again the most corrupted politician of India Digvijaya Singh hit out at Narendra Modi. He said:
Good to hear Modi talking about inclusive politics. But can a leopard change its spots? Feku Modi at his best. Giving fake figures of growth during NDA regime.

Another interesting thing what Digvijaya Singh told was:

"Congress empowers you. Modi empowers himself. Choice is yours. Modi wants Congress free India but we want hunger free India! Modi backs priviledged, Congress backs underpriviledged. Choice is yours."

According to Digvijaya UPA has fulfilled every promise made and empowered people by giving rights on information, education, Food Security and rights to women and tribals and also the right to work.

But Mr Digvijaya What about the price hike and corruptions in india during the last 9 years???


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