11:22 PM

BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi told Centre using CBI to threaten him.

He said: The government in Delhi wants to stop our march to power. They have fielded the CBI to threaten us. CBI can silence Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati but not me.

They (the Centre) have been trying to instill fear of CBI (in me) every now and then. I will never be cowed down by CBI, IB RAW or any agency in the world.

Also he said: They (the Centre) know that those who are with the people in their good and bad times would form their government at the Centre. Now the crowd here will make them feel even more jittery.

About PM's America visit he said: The prime minister is in America but people don't have confidence that his visit will have any benefits for the country.


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