3:59 PM

Tamil Nadu Chief minister Jayalalithaa has implements some good schemes in Tamil Nadu which will be helpful to common people.

Scheme for Lunch:
She introduced a scheme where you can get idlis for Rs 1 and Sambhar rice for Rs 5.  So people are saying they are now can save money for other things. And people saying they can now eat well to work well and sleep well.

The Chennai Corporation has set up 200 canteens in Chennai at the cost of Rs 6 lakh per canteen and is looking to set up atleast 800 more. With idlis at just Re 1 and lunch at just Rs 5 is a very popular thing. Nearly 1.5 lakh people to 2 lakh people are eating at Amma canteens. They are happy and able to save money. In last 8 months the canteens have earned more than Rs 13 crore rupees.

Scheme for Water:
Amma Mineral water has now been launched in the state at Rs 10 for one litre. The water bottles will be available in government bus depots within the state as well as state owned hotels on highways.

Jayalalithaa is hoping that the success of each of these schemes would make up for issues like price rise and power crisis that are still haunting the state.


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