11:16 PM

Sushma Swaraj said I am still opposed to Sonia becoming PM. In 2004 she told she shave off her hair if Sonia Gandhi became the Prime Minister.

She also said: I have always maintained that Sonia Gandhi came to our country as daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi and wife of Rajiv Gandhi and thus she is entitled to our love and affection. As the president of the Congress party she is entitled to our respect. But if she wants to become the Prime Minister then I say no.

If after 60 years of Independence, if we coronate another foreigner for the top job then it would have meant that 100 crore people were incapable. It would be hurting the sensibility of people. This was my purpose of fighting the Bellary elections (1999) and it was a mission for me. In Bellary, I lost the battle, but won the war.


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