5:04 PM

Today Rahul Gandhi told some funny things again and which is against BJP:

- I am against the kind of politics BJP does as they spark fire of tension for political benefits... they hurt people for political gains.

- These people (BJP) go to Muzaffarnagar, (Jammu and) Kashmir and Gujarat and spark communal tension and we have to make efforts to douse it.

- This is why I want India to stay together, stand together. The BJP divides people, but I want the people of India to be united.

- I have faced this twice, they killed my grand-mother, my father and one day they may kill me also. But I don't care.

- I saw my grand-mother’s blood. I also saw the blood of her killers Beant Singh and Satwant Singh. I used to play with those who killed dadi (grand-mother Indira Gandhi). I was angry with them for a long time after they killed my grandmother.

- I understand the pain of losing someone very close. My father (Rajiv Gandhi) too was killed... Anger over violence is natural but it only hurts common people. The BJP makes use of people's anger.

- We want to take everyone along, irrespective of caste and financial condition. I want everyone to be part of running the country. Lakhs of people should be involved in the running of country.

All these talks only to get some sympathy votes for the upcoming lok sabha election. After that lots of corruption, scams will be done by Congress Mr Rahul Gandhi.


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