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This is just stupidity from Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik who refused help from Narendra Modi for cyclone and flood victims. After cyclone and flood, People in odisha are suffering a lot without much help from odisha goverentment but still Naveen Patnaik refused help from Narendra Modi.

According to samal former revenue and disaster management minister: A day after cyclone made its landfall, Narendra Modi called up Naveen and asked if the Gujarat government can be of any help to Odisha. Naveen said the situation doesn't warrant any outside help. And It is for Naveen to answer. I came to know about the development a few days later.

But BJP said: It is a false allegation that the government denied any offer of help. Why should the chief minister turn it down during this hour of crisis? It is not a time to indulge in politics but to rebuild the shattered homes.


  1. This is just a stupidity from the writer.

  2. Check Times of India News... http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/CM-refusing-Modi-help-upsets-BJP/movie-review/24893256.cms

  3. stupidity