10:28 PM

Today BJP prime minister candidate Narendra Modi slashes out at Rahul Gandhi. He said: I tried to gather information who gave him (Rahul Gandhi) this ISI story ... I came to know that a Rajasthan-based police officer who wants to fight elections on a Congress ticket passed this information to him and he in turn used in his speech.

About Rahul Gandhi speech Narendra Modi said: Shahzada came to Rajasthan. Even his party men did not understand what he spoke, why he spoke, for whom he spoke.

About congress in Rajastan he said: Do you have faith in a government in which the Human Rights Commission and Minorities Commission do not have trust? Minorities Commission said that this state government cannot protect minorities. So can you trust this state government?

The governor of Rajasthan who is from Congress ... what did she say? If you cannot implement tribal welfare schemes, then let me do it. Would you like this type of government to stay in the state. They have ruined Rajasthan?

About onion price hike he said: Congress is not concerned with rising prices, all they are concerned is with corruption in 2G and coal.


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