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Here are 10 questions asked by Sagarika Ghose CNNIBN Deputy Editor and guess what Arvind Kejriwal give answers to all the questions.

Q1- How will u make up Delhi''s power deficit? Will u buy power? Who will pay?
Arvind Kejriwal: Delhi is a power surplus state now, not power defict any more.

Q2- Will you give free power to the poor? nationalise electricity? Bring back DESU?
Arvind Kejriwal: We r not giving free power to anyone.

Q3- new AC buses heavily subsidised by Centre under JNNURM. If a hostile Centre stops this subsidy what will u do?
Arvind Kejriwal: Does this mean that we shud dismiss all non-cong state govts or shud state govts be servile to centre.

Q4- What will u do on cycle- rickshaws, street vendors? Regularise them? Ban them?
Arvind Kejriwal: We will organize then properly.

Q5- what will do on land/lal dora issues? demolish or regularise illegal slum colonies?
Arvind Kejriwal: Lal Dora issue is quite serious for villagers lal Dora limits ought to be revisited in consultation wid villagers.

Q6- Will a JLPbill not create a daroga raj, inspector raj, massive army of babu-cops, more red tape, delays?
Arvind Kejriwal:  JLP is only abt creating an independent CBI at centre and similar independent body at state level

Q7-  where do u stand on welfare spend? U support FSB, MNREGA? more spending?
Arvind Kejriwal:  People shud be directly involved in designing and implementation of schemes.

Q8- Your party is a year old--are u confident your MLAs won't be bought over for crores in event of hung house?
Arvind Kejriwal: Our MLAs are completely wid the party. In any case, under present anti-defection law, it is almost impossible.

Q9- How will you fast track police reforms? will u implement SC reccos on police reforms in Delhi?
Arvind Kejriwal: Delhi police under Centre's control.

Q10- Does the entire party support Prashant''s well known views on J&K?
Arvind Kejriwal: No. The party does not support his views.


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