12:52 PM

Here are some tweets after BJP named Harsh Vardhan as CM candidate for Delhi.

BJP's biggest hurdle is neither the Congress or AAP, but overcoming its internal divisions: Tehelka

I am not angry and there are no differences between me & anybody: Viajy Goel

Choosing between Harshvardhan & Vijay Goel was tough: Rajnath Singh

I am sure citizens of Delhi won't take a wrong decision in the upcoming election: Harsh Vardhan

Fight against Corruption VS Fight Against each other. Vijay hi Vijay hai: Dr. Kumar Vishvas

Vijay Goel has accepted this decision: Advani

Vijay Goel has agreed to support Harsh Vardhan's candidature: Rajnath Singh

 I congratulate Dr. Harshvardhan for being chosen as BJP's CM candidate for Delhi: Rajnath Singh

BJP Delhi CM Candidate Dr.Harsh Vardhan is the man who came up with the famous 'Pulse Polio' program!: Avinash Bhat

I've never broken the party's discipline. I am not upset (with Harsh Vadhan being picked as CM candidate): Delhi BJP chief Vijay Goel


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