3:31 PM

The emerging party in Delhi Aam Aadmi Party receives Rs 19 crore as donation from various people, nearly 63,000 people donated to AAP.

From AAP Pankaj Gupta said: We have collected around Rs 19 crore from donations from around 63,000 individuals belonging to cross section of society. The party has received Rs 13.18 crore from donors in India, while rest around Rs six crore from NRIs based in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, UAE and even Saudi Arabia.

They have received from rickshaw-pullers to traders to industrialists to NRIs to help it fight the Delhi assembly polls and bring a "corruption-free" administration. They received most overseas donations of around Rs two crore from NRIs based in the US, while Rs 1.14 crore from Hong Kong-based NRIs, followed by Singapore, UAE and UK based NRIs.

The AAP has over 63,000 online donors, which include rickshaw-pullers, soldiers from Siachen to businessmen and students in America.

Also Pankaj Gupta said: We have every record of our transactions on our website, any body could verify it.

Recently it got more popular also when MTV channel popular person Raghu Ram and Film Actor Rajpal Yadav campaign for AAP 


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