11:01 AM

After Congress goverenment started probing the source of AAP funding, Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal said AAP being targeted by the Congress as it has gained immense popularity.

He also said: We are open to any kind of probe. We are not afraid of anything as we are not at fault. We will give all accounts but we are being targeted because the AAP has gained immense popularity.

About foreign funding he said: We do not have any foreign funding. The NRIs have funded us, which they can as per law. No foreigner has given us money. These are all false allegations. The opposition is afraid of our popularity and hence they are badmouthing us. They can do whatever they want, we are not afraid of them. The public can see how the Congress and BJP are disturbing us to demotivate us.

Also Kejriwal put a question on goverenment The Congress has got Rs 1,500 crore as funding and the BJP got Rs 800 crore, who will probe their accounts? Do they ever reveal their accounts or the sources of their funds? They never reveal their list of donors.

Recently Aam Aadmi Party declared Aam Aadmi Party receives Rs 19 crore as donation.


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