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Now a days earning money becomes very easy, If you have a web site running even if this is a blogspot or wordpress site you can earn huge money without investing any money on it.

Affiliate Programs are getting very popular now a days. Affiliate Program provides by various companies and one of the popular eCommerce site in Amazon.

Amazon is a trusted brand all over the world and after entering to Indian market Amazon getting popular day by day. So Amazon provides  Affiliate Program, so that you can earn money by advertising Amazon Products and Amazon will get sell some of his products through advertisement.

Once you have a web site ready, go to the Amazon Affiliate Program site. And register there. They will manually approve your site within 24 hours. Once approved you can show Amazon ads on your web sites. When people click on the ads and buy the product you will get the commission.

Amazon will also pay 10% commission when visitors follow affiliated links from your website to Amazon.in and make a purchase.

Amazon has very good commission rate, even in some products you will get 5% or 10% commission.

Amazon provides various popular banner ad format, as well as Text Links, Text and Image links, and Image only links.

Join now and start make money !!!


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