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If you want to remove stomach or belly fat, then you can quickly try some tips. Here are some tips to remove belly fat quickly.

1- Drink Water:
One thing you can easily do to remove belly fat is drink plenty of water. As much as water you can drink. And one more thing is you should not drink Coke which is very much harmful and helps in increasing stomach fat.

2- Start exercise:
Another thing you can do is start doing exercise regularly daily basis. At least you can do some physical exercise 30 min per day. Some exercise like walking, running, crunches you can do.

3- Good Diet:
Diet is very much important if you want to remove stomach fat. Take always less calorie foods rather than junk foods. But you should not be in empty stomach, because it is necessary to be healthy also. You can take more fruits and vegetables.

4- Good Posture:
Try to sit straight, it will give benefit. It helps in reducing stomach fat.


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