12:07 AM

Here is another example of how Congress is misusing CBI and its power. Congress proved what they can do if you will not support them (CBI will come to your door) and what they can do if you will support them (All charges against you will clear).

Congress allowed Mayawati to retain 5 bungalows in Delhi's VIP zone. These bungalows are largest goverenments quaters in Delhi with 8 bedrooms, 4 servant quarters and front and back lawns.

Few days back also I-T department releases Rs 400 crore belonging to Mayawati's brother.

All this positives moves are done by the government taking consideration into the 80 Lok sabha seats. Mayawati is an important player in Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state and a key factor in deciding the next government in Delhi with its 80 Lok Sabha seats. The government has earlier been accused of misusing the CBI to manipulate cases involving the BSP chief.

Mayawati should not be so happy, because if you will not support Congress, then next day CBI will come to your house.


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