12:58 PM

Vinod Kambli suffers heart attack after Sachin Tendulkar did not invite to party. When asked about the incident he said: Your question to me is whether Sachin and I are on talking terms. The answer is 'no'. We haven't been talking for the last seven years, but on occasions we do wish each other via text.

Kambli said he was hurt because Tendulkar didn't mention his name in the farewell speech.

"Him not mentioning me in his farewell speech or not giving me an invitation though I've been a part of his life since he was 10 years old. Yes, I won't deny the fact that it did hurt me a lot because he forgot to mention that. The world record partnership was a turning point of our career, without each other's contribution, I wouldn't be who I am, and he wouldn't be our great legend," Kambli said.


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