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Well, this is my own feeling, thinking or whatever you can say, this is not to blame any one, this is just to find some answers to some questions comes to my mind. Now a days if you open timesofindia.com or any other news web site or even News channel, you will some rally news related to Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi, Sheila Dixit or Arvind Kejriwal. And some reactions to there stupid comments. Not sure about what you are thinking but personally it feels like those political leaders thinking I am a fool and listening or reading to there stupid comments. The most shouting party is I feel is Congress, they even gave some advertisement in TV ads by paying some money to the channels.

First question comes to mind is Why I should vote? If I will just think in a way that I am citizen of India and I have the rights to do so, then 2nd questions comes to my mind is to which party I should vote. Again comes to my mind is Congress or BJP or any other party other than Aam Aadmi Party(we will discuss about AAP later). Personally after Atal Bihari Vajpayee I donot see a single person who is capable of running a country like India, some how we can trust Narendra Modi after seeing some development work in Gujarat but time will say how he will develop India.

Why I should vote for Congress?
This is really strange to know that Congress thinking they will come to power for the 3rd time after doing lots of scams, 2G Scam, Coalgate Scam, Railway Scam, Adarsh Housing Society Scam, DLF Scam, Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust Scam etc. There will not be much scams in dictionary also for Congress.

Dollar value and affecting my life:
Dollar value increasing day by day and it affecting my life. Few days back I went to buy a treadmill it was about 14000, After a week when I went to take that I surprised by the shopkeepers reply. It will cost me 15000 since dollar value increased a lot. The strange comment that comes from Congress or Finance minister P Chidambaram "Dollar value will decrease soon" and no action and nothing. Can I trust you again and vote for you? Can you able to do something which you can not do from last 10 years and my answer to it is NO.

Petrol Price Hike:
Check the last 6 or 7 months how much petrol priece has been hiked. It is definitely not possible to tolerate for a middle class or a lower class family. Actually the problem is our politicians never pay for petrol, it provided by government which is nothing but our money, so they never realize the price hike and the effect on us. Same for LPG and Diesel also. But goverenment do not have any role in this. Again Should I vote for Congress?

Price hike in Vegetables:
It is impossible for a poor class family to eat vegetables now a days anywhere in India. Onion, potato, tomato, beans what ever vegetable you can take, the price is more than 10 times what was there before 1 years.

Onion 100 rupees, Potato 50 rupees, Tomato 70 rupees.

Recently after Onion price hike our Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar said I’m not dealing with this. The consumer affairs ministry is dealing with this. Then why should I vote for you???

One of the most corrupted leader Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal once said, Why don’t you ask the traders this? The Government is not the one selling onions. If I will ask about the price hike to traders or if the government is not selling onions they why should I pay the tax and why should I allow you to enjoy with my tax money?

Rahul Gandhi:
He is the PM candidate for Congress, I can not even imagine what will happen to the country if Rahul Gandhi will become the PM of India. Why should I vote to elect Rahul Gandhi as PM? What is his qualification? Did he really understand what is poor means? Only thing is he is the son of Sonia Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi did not do anything till now.

Not even a single honest person in Congress and its true!!!


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