3:22 PM

Today Digvijaya Singh made a dig towards BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi. He said: Gujarat CM was moving away from his "fanatic" ideology and that "even a chaiwallah can become the Prime Minister".

Also he said: "He welcomes that Modi is gradually distancing from his fanatic ideology and gravitating towards the ideology of Atal Bihari Vajpayee" and "it should be welcomed if Sangh and the BJP...are coming close to the ideology of Congress and (Jawaharlal) Nehru."

He added: If a shepherd from Kerala can become President so also a tea-vendor (chaiwallah) can become Prime Minister.

After this remark, BJP leader Smriti Irani said: we had not thought that Digvijaya Singh will say that even a chaiwallah can become Prime Minister...I am happy that Modi ji is being praised so much by Digvijaya Singh ji.


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