2:26 PM

After success in Delhi election, Anna Hazare told, he is happy with the performance of AAP in Delhi.

He also said:  Arvind Kejriwal could become chief minister one day and warned Congress that people will teach a lesson to it in the Lok Sabha elections.

Anna Hazare said: "Definitely. Delhi is the Centre of politics of country's politics. It is not an easy task to defeat a government which is ruling there with just a broom in hand. The old parties have a lot of money. I feel happy that in such a situation, his party has emerged victorious and got 24 seats".

He also said: Congress was in power for at least 50 years. What was impossible for it? Why did they not bring good laws on Right to reject, Lokpal, Right to Recall.

On not supporting AAP, Anna Hazare said: It is a party and so it is difficult for me (to campaign). I do not campaign for any political party.


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